About us

Förderband Technik Kilian — established as a family business 2009

Our team and our qualifications

Heiko Kilian

Heiko Kilian

Trained industrial mechanic in industrial engineering

Studied mechanical engineering at the technical school in Oberhausen

Scraper assembly and development since 1992

"I have a passion for developing scrapers for very specific requirements. Whenever a customer describes the serious difficulties they are encountering with a conveyor, I usually have an idea for a solution up my sleeve. And if I don't, I draw on my experience to develop a new solution. Even the most difficult cases whet my appetite."

"I'm from a mining background and have worked on conveyors myself. I have been involved with scrapers since the start of my career. I'm still fascinated by having to identify optimisation potentials and constantly develop new solutions to make sure our customers in the bulk materials sector can work even more efficiently."

Melanie Kilian

Melanie Kilian

Authorized officer and co-owner of FTK Förderband Technik Kilian GmbH
Customer acquisition, office organization, material planning, etc.
Working in the field of conveyor belt technology since 2007. More than 20 years of professional experience as a pharmaceutical technical assistant in a pharmacy (advice and customer care)

"Tried and proven task sharing: It's my job to ensure the commercial side of the business runs smoothly. My brother has an eye for the specific challenges conveyor technology brings. He knows instantly if a custom-made product is needed. Minimal planning effort and the best solution at the drop of a hat — that's what he's about."

Our production area covers more than 1,000 m2

We manufacture in our own plant in the heart of the Ruhr region — conveniently situated with direct links to the A2, A3, A42, A43 and A1 motorways to ensure that our conveyor technology is available to our customers and ready for use without any delay.