Primary scraper

Primary scraper

  • FTK primary scrapers for pollution abatement in conveyor belt systems
  • The primary scraper is used for light to heavy conveyor belt systems
  • high tech hard metal for particularly high time of exposure
  • also suitable on spherically rotated drums
  • high flexibility due to PU hard metal segments
  • also specially suitable for reversing conveyors
  • belt speeds up to 5 m/s
  • specially for extremely adherent materials or in difficult or narrow space conditions
  • significantly improved cleaning performance
  • limiting damage to the belt
  • longer life expectancy and therefore
  • significant cost savings due to special segment shape
  • elastic segments with permanently consistent  contact pressure
  • with compression springs (for the automatic regulation of the contact pressure)

Areas of use: sand plants, gravel plants, clay plants, brick plants, asphalt-mixing plants and in the gypsum, cement and glass industries etc

Any products adhering to the belt reduce the life expectancy of the conveyor due to the heavy soiling. The consequences are usually expensive maintenance measures and production down times.        


The FTK Förderband Technik Kilian belt conveyor scrapers represent a cost-effective development in the field of belt cleaning. Due to the flexible mounting arrangements and the gentle but thorough cleaning, the FTK Förderband Technik Kilian belt conveyor scrapers lead to higher productivity combined with only minimal purchase price and running costs.

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