Return training frames

Return training frames

Regular-rollers prevent belt misalignment and guarantee protection of the belt edges. As the regular rollers only function efficiently when the drum casing is clean, the rollers are equipped and delivered with dirt-repellent 60° shore soft rubber. Our regular-rollers can be used with both normal and reversing conveyor belts.

Mode of operation:

When the conveyor belt is running straight, the axle through the roller casing forms an angle of 90° to the direction of movement of the belt.

When the belt drifts, the roller casing moves, due to the dead  weight of the belt, so that a  forward motion occurs which brings the belt back to its normal position.

The roller casing returns to its normal position as soon as the corrective procedure is completed.

The mechanics of the movement are rendered possible due to a complex ball joint in the centre of the roller as well as the position of the axle in relation to the conveyor belt being less than 90°.