Super Screw

Super Screw connectors are available in different versions of textile-reinforced rubber:
abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, oil- and grease-resistant, white FDA, self-extinguishing, with textile on the running surface or in stainless steel.

Screws are available in either galvanised or stainless steel.
Super Screw connectors are inserted in the belt diagonally and from both sides. After the rubber layer is removed, the connector is installed using just a cordless screwdriver or, in underground mining, using a breast drill or pneumatic screwdriver.

Super Screw® connectors are pre-installed, depending on the belt width, in lengths up to 3,000 mm or in rolls up to 25,000 mm long.

A variety of screws is also available for the initial installation of the connectors or as spare parts, plus various cordless screwdrivers, a pneumatic screwdriver, brace, PZ 2 or PZ 3 cross-head bits and a magnetic bit holder.